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HOUNDS OF THE MORRIGAN is one INTRIGUING read! - Contained within these simple pages is something wondrous. It is not a precious amulet, studded in diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, though it is worth far more than gold. It is something special and truly unique, though you cannot make a fortune with it, nor can you take it on a cross-country tour and make yourself famous. It certainly won't make you prettier, either, though it should make you smile, and a smile can make the most decrepit, cantankerous old hermit look like your best friend ever. The special something contained herein is nothing you can taste, or smell, or rightly even see, though through it you may experience new, exciting tastes and smells from far-away lands, and though it may give you frightful and wondrous visions. (Oh, and it's not a drug, either, though it may place you in a state of euphoria, and you will most certainly become thoroughly addicted from the first time you experience it.) This special something will enrich your life, though it will offer you...
I've finally found a book I can call a true Masterpiece. - This book became one of my ten "comfort books"...the ones I look for in hardcover, so they don't break or rip every time I move. They're the ones that follow me everywhere I go. "Hounds" was enchanting the first time I read it, and was just as wonderful the 40th (really!) time. I credit this book with sparking my interest in things Celtic. I would love to read anything else by Pat O'Shea, but this seems to be her tour-de-force...she has a small children's book out. It, too, is lovely, but it's nothing like this! For the English Majors out there...even more so than the main characters, watch the bit parts. Every chapter is filled with people and animals who have their own purposes in the story, and each one is developed to the point that you just KNOW they have lives outside the bounds of their small, sometimes one-line parts...Highly recommended.
Read this book! - I first read The Hounds Of The Morrigan in elementary school. Recently while at the library, it caught my eye again, almost like Pidge in the story. This is a wonderful novel - the characters are as alive as any people I've met, the setting is amazing, and, especially for a childrens book, the plots and subplots are intricate and complex. But fascinating - it's almost hypnotic - this is the only book I have ever seriously not been physically able to put down while reading it. Anybody looking for (I mean anybody, from 10 to much older) a really good fantasy and the quest you wished for devoutly as a child, a crash course in Irish mythology, and the kind of book will probably never come along again - read this book. It's well worth it. I wish Pat O'Shea would write another book like this - perhaps someday she will. Until then, read this one and hope. Come on, Pidge and Briget are waiting!

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ISBN-10 : 0064472051
Benutzer-Bewertung : 5.0 Sterne von 5 aus 24 Leser
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