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Spectacular - I have read it so many times I can't remember how many i have done it.John M. ford's book probably is the first book that doesn't portrays Klingons as villains. all of the Star trek authors prior to TNG's debut except Jack Halderaan, the author of perry's Planet (Bantam books) used Klingons as stereotypes. Worse, some of the authors including Blish and Goldin discredited the klingons as dishonorable and deceitful.John M. Ford is the genius. he not only did NOT used Klingons as stereotypes but also his book can help anyone understand the Klingon concept of honor.I would recommend this book.
The must-have book for students of Klingon culture - One of the few truly good STAR TREK novels with any appeal to a non STAR TREK audience. Ironic since the novel does not deal with the familiar STAR TREK cast of characters at all, but is set approximately 40 years before the time of the original series.The story focuses on Krenn, a young Klingon Commander who is a practitioner of "that least Klingon of arts...strategy" and his relationship with Emanuel Tagore, an ambassador sent to the Klingon Empire to represent the United Federation of Planets. Skillfully crafting the interactions between these two characters, Ford allows for an exploration of human nature on a general level, as Krenn struggles to understand the alien concepts of morality and humanism while Dr. Tagore tries to assimilate the Klingons more Darwinistic philosophies and conception of honor. The novel builds to a suitably satisfying climax where Krenn must think several moves ahead of events in order to secure himself, Dr...
Kai kassai klingon! - Years ago, in "Best of Trek", I read a fan's amateur reviews of pro Star Trek novels. Her critique of The Final Reflection: "I don't like any book that I have to read three times just to understand what's going on." I believe her comment says a LOT about the simplistic drivel which comprises most Star Dreck, compared with the richness of this novel. Author Ford, a respected science-fiction writer, gives us a fascinating vision of a very alien species, whose culture is based on a bushido-style code of honor and a chesslike Perpetual Game of personal advancement and power. This definitive novel about the Klingons is presented as a book within a book, and takes place some forty years before the famous five-year mission of Captain Kirk. The protagonist is an Imperial-race Klingon. An orphan raised in a militarily-structured Lineless House, six-year-old Vrenn makes his first sentient kill -- an adult Human male -- in the arena of the Years End Games. A...

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ISBN-10 : 0318375478
Benutzer-Bewertung : 5.0 Sterne von 5 aus 17 Leser
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Herunterladen The Final Reflection PDF e EPUB - EpuBook
The Final Reflection Herunterladen eBook Pdf e Epub, eBook Deutch
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