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The most humane (and divine) novel I've ever read. - I've read "The Chess Garden" only once, four years ago. But a week rarely goes by when my heart and mind don't return to it. I don't pretend to grasp all of its themes. But as a parent, I found deep meaning in this book, wherein God's presence is revealed most fully in the love we feel for our children. And our experience of this love then allows us to turn outward to others, more completely and authentically. Mark Helprin's "Memoir from Antproof Case" touches on this theme, but not with the same power. The Doctor's spiritual quest after the death of his young son rang so emotionally true, so heartbreakingly real, that I've been unable to read it again. (Though I'm sure I will eventually) It's a sad and hopeful book. For those of us who struggle with doubt and strain to glimpse a loving, personal God, we should spend a few summer afternoons in The Chess Garden. Of course, it's only fiction. It merely points the way to what we all have access to, every...
Exploring the Antipodes...again and again - This novel by Brooks Hansen joins a small and diverse group of volumes on my shelves, books that I would take with me to the proverbial desert island if I could only have five: The Bible, Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany, Freddy's Book by John Gardner, and now, The Chess Garden. (Patricia McKillip's The Forgotten Beasts of Eld got bumped. Both McKillip and Hansen create magical and evocative worlds; however, if I were faced with fifty years and only five books, the richer soil of the Antipodes would yield more for me to savor than that of Eld.)In his book Hansen tells the story--stories--of Gustav Uyterhoeven, a Dutch/English doctor born in 1823. He presents his fictional protagonist's chronological history within an exciting historical context, a period when such fields as epidemiology and sociology were expanding dramatically, when Darwin was making his discoveries, when the Victorian fascination with spiritualism was...
Sweet, lively example of living a good life - A wonderful read, unsettling in places. Living a satisfying spiritual life without submitting to dogmatic spiritual practices or intellectual decisions, as demonstrated by the life of this (closet homeopathic) pathologist. He discovers Swedenborgianism on his sickbed out in the bush, and the author uses it as a springboard to remind us: usually the way we learn important things about how we feel is recognize/realizing the truth of what we already sensed being true. The chess garden of the title is the place he and his wife let the community create in their back yard, and is the splendidly austere but lush place which shimmers as a hidden pocket of learning.The thing I was reminded of by the good Doctor is that I should live my spiritual life visibly for my 5-year old son to witness now if I want him to listen later if he asks how one goes about living their life. I hope he asks the question. If I am not here to answer his question, I hope he finds this book to help him...

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Benutzer-Bewertung : 5.0 Sterne von 5 aus 14 Leser
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