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A touching love story. - I think the story was beautifully written. It is unique in its perspective. So few romances are written from a man's point of view. I was utterly engrossed in the story and i have read it many times. It didn't get a 10 because of the ending. It was really good, but.. well... I don't want to give it away. Let's just say it must be a guy thing. I do encourage any fans of romance and fantasy to read it. It is absolutely wonderful.
This book touches my life every day! - My mother having read this book sometime before I was born in the 50's, was so moved that she named me after Rima. When I was 12 I read it for the first time, and after moving many times the book was lost. I have always wanted to re-read it as an adult feeling that there was quite a bit more I would appreciate now. I am delighted to have located this novel, and will be thrilled not to have to explain to my friends once more where my name originated. I will just loan them the book!
The book hooked me from the first line. - The voice of the protagonist, Abel, comes through very clear. He is able to describe his feelings and emotions in a way that I have never read. Abel is one of a kind and has a strong constitution. Hudson writes in great detail and created pictures in my mind that have left me in awe. I never will feel the same about the rainforest or about life in the jungles. The characters are all well developed and not at all boring and the book must be read like sipping a wine. I reccomend this book to anyone who has courage because some of the incidents are dramatic.

Seiten : 320 Seiten
Kategorie : Genres
Format : E-Book, Hardcover, Kindle
Autor : W. H. Hudson
Herausgeber : Copper Penny Pr
Sprache : English
ISBN-10 : 0615184936
Benutzer-Bewertung : 5.0 Sterne von 5 aus 9 Leser
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Herunterladen Green Mansions PDF e EPUB - EpuBook
Green Mansions Herunterladen eBook Pdf e Epub, eBook Deutch
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