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best of the arthurian sagas - Mary Stewart's take on the popular Arthurian Saga is definately the best of the lot. Very well written and extensively reshearched, it has a quality of believability that the others lack. More than just a retelling of a fairy tale, Stewart gives the characters personality and a historical perpesctive. If you've read Jack Whyte, Stephen Lawhead, Marion Zimmer Bradley, or Bernard Cornwell's versions of the Arthurian Saga you should certainly read Stewart's, it is the best by far.
Realistic, yet enchanting - The story of Merlin has always intrigued me. Yet I have found the various books and movies distasteful. They portray Merlin in ways that do not jive with my inner sense of what might have been real. Mary Stewart, on the other hand, has portrayed a real individual in her books. A boy, Myrddin Emrys, who grows up spending a great deal of time alone, exploring and thinking. He is then believable as an adult because the magic he practices is ensconced in political wisdom, the beliefs of the people, strategic thinking, and the type of shamanic power that no doubt exists in the world. When the Merlin stood on a hillside overlooking Arthur's troops entering battle, of course they won. They won because they knew they would. Amazingly simple. Was it wizardry or was it the power of belief? Or both? I was permanently affected by this book. I named my son Emrys. I came to believe that the king's merlin no doubt existed, much as political advisors exist today. It is the...
Arthur as the focus - This trilogy, along with the final book, The Wicked Day (told from Mordred's point of view), is my favorite retelling of the Arthurian story. One of its great pleasures is that it really focuses on Merlin and then Arthur, instead of being a book with Arthur's name on it but really all about Lancelot, Tristan and the like (e.g., La Morte d'Arthur). Both Arthur and Merlin are realistic and vital characters instead of cyphers or symbols for the author's message. Stewart's explanation of Merlin's and Arthur's acceptance of their fates (being buried in the cave, dealing with the adultery of a spouse and best friend, facing death at the hands of your son) is convincing and moving. The only weakness with the four books is that Guinevere remains something of a non-entity. But the majority of the characters are beautifully drawn, the story is always compelling and the themes are complex.

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HardcoverThe Merlin Trilogy is Mary Stewart's take on the Arthurian legend in three books: The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills, and The Last Enchantment. These books have Merlin, Arthur's wizard mentor, as their focal point, and the result is a charming, engrossing tale providing a unique perspective on a familiar tale. Her history is superb and richly detailed, her characterizations are masterful, and her plotting is perfect. You'll be entranced by this magical story.
Herunterladen The Merlin Trilogy PDF e EPUB - EpuBook
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