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Outmove (The Inner Movement) Book 3 Herunterladen PDF Frei (PDF, EPUB, KINDLE)
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Exciting Third Book in the Series! - This is the third novel in the Inner Movement series. Lightyear was just a division of Omnia, and in this book, we find out more about Omnia and how evil and powerful they really are and have been throughout history. I was eager to read this to see whether or not Nate and his allies would be able to defeat Omnia. There were so many odds against them. What makes things even worse for them is the Inner Force, a faction of the Inner Movement, who believes that violence is the only way to stop Omnia. In many ways, they are almost as dangerous as Omnia itself.Omnia has taken over, and people are being unjustly imprisoned, sent away, and killed. There are some horrifying moments in this story, particularly when Nate visits another dimension called Carst. As with the last two books, there are several exciting scenes that will keep you glued to the pages.So many questions that you have probably had since the beginning of the series will be answered in this book. I kept...
This is a different kind of revolution - "Outmove" picks up the story of Nate Ryder and the spiritual "Awakening" of the Human race some time after the dramatic ending of the "Outin." He is almost nineteen, he is the formal leader of the Movement, that since "had grown into a worldwide revolution," and his life has never been more complicated.Lightyear, the organization that has been hunting Nate and his friends in the previous book, has been defeated, its leader, Luther Storch, dead. The victory came with a price of many deaths and losses, and brought new problems: "Lightyear had just been a tiny division in an organization old with power, deep with connections and stunning in its coldness and greed--Omnia." The conspiracy Nate has been fighting against became a full-blown worldwide takeover by this ancient power broker.With its almost limitless resources, Omnia can seemingly counter most anything Nate and his merry band of mystics and awakened can come up with. What is worse, the Movement is split...
Fantastic: Entertaining and Philosophical - I love Brandt Legg's books and was thrilled when I saw that his next novel was finally out! If you have never read any of his work, you're in for a real treat!!! "Outmove" is the third exciting novel in Brandt Legg's series (the previous two books are "Outview" and "Outin"). In this third book, Nate, the protagonist, becomes the leader of the revolutionary movement against the dark forces of Omnia. He's wiser and stronger now, but he still needs to get advice from four more mystics to complete his quest. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? But that's just the beginning.What I love about Brandt Legg's books is the deeper level of thinking and deeper issues that he invites us to explore, all in a very easy-to-read and entertaining way. "What if?" and other hypothetical questions are always fun ones to ponder, and you will have plenty of opportunities to do that when you read this book. What are the best ways to drive innovation? What societal structures are most conducive to...

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ISBN-10 : 0989524140
Benutzer-Bewertung : 5.0 Sterne von 5 aus 11 Leser
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