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My personal favourite - until now ;-) - The sixth Sandman and until now my personal favourite!It's not a continous story but rather 8 1/2 strips, including the short 'foreword-history'. More than the half of it base upon true historical incidents and life stories like Emperor Augustus, the French Revolution, Marco Polo etc. The others are predicated on old legends or myths, so throughout the whole readingtime I had the feeling, these are not just phantastic stories but they could have really happen like this. And in every event Sandman plays an important part.Last but not least the pictures are again impressive as always. For every story there is a certain style (Ramadan - very coloured, like a fairy tale; Soft Places - almost paltry, blank spaces like you expect it in a desert etc.), which accords perfectly with the contents of the different tales.Fantastic stories, amazing drawings - a great book!
We just keep on dreaming.... - In my mind, "The Sandman" is the greatest comic book to come along in the past 15 years or so. Neil Gaiman is such a great writer and brings so much into the mix that is Sandman. Of course, it's easy to do this when Sandman is the King Of Dreams, but the way Neil did it was truly magical. "Fables and Reflections" is perhaps my favorite of the Sandman collections because they are all self-contained stories that are all interesing in their own right. All the Sandman issues are great, but you cannot read only one chapter of "Brief Lives" or "Doll's House" to get the whole meaning. Because this collection is so varied, it would be a good place for new readers tom start. The Sandman storylines often jump around in time anyway, after all Dream has been around since the beginning of time and that is a lot of ground to cover! I should start off perhaps by explaining who the Sandman is. The Sandman goes by many names, but his given name...
Wow. - I've read 6 Sandman books now, in order, Fables and Reflections being the most recent. It could be my favorite, but they're all so perfect in different ways. I made my mom read "Ramadan", and now she's hooked. I just love that story. I can't stop thinking about it...it's just incredible. Gorgeous. My suggestion: If you're new to Sandman, and aren't exactly sure whether you'll like it, read Fables and Reflections. (Only skip "Song of Orpheus" and "A Parliament of Rooks", which would be a bit confusing without the other issues.) However, if you're new to Sandman and trust Neil Gaiman with all your heart, start with Preludes and Nocturnes and know that it gets better. I really think they're best read in order. "Ramadan" is just pure genius. The collection would be worth its price if only that one story were in it. "Fear of Falling" is another highlight, although no one ever mentions it. Very...

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Benutzer-Bewertung : 5.0 Sterne von 5 aus 9 Leser
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