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Death Vigil Volume 1 Herunterladen PDF Frei (PDF, EPUB, KINDLE)
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Dieses Buch hat positives Feedback vom Leser, unten sind hilfreichste Bewertung für Ihre Überlegung :
A great comic! - I haven't heard of Stjepan Sejic before stumbling upon his DeviantArt page (nebezial), and reading Death Vigil there. But what I read blew me away, and I just had to get a print copy of it. Death Vigil has a perfect combination of action, mystery, and humor, with good pacing and great art. Stjepan knows how to perfectly capture emotions of his characters and immerse you into story, something I've seen many authors have problems with. I'll be sure to keep an eye on his work.
story, character and style - thrilling! - This is without doubt one of the best comics I have ever read. It has a gripping story and cool and relatable characters, creepy ancient evil, loads of modern pop-culture and classic literature references, a story that scales up perfectly, and while it tackles dark themes its oftentimes just hilariously funny!I think I don't need to say much more about the drawing style - Sejic's is so great with color tones, lighting, posing.. and just a genius with facial expressions! It's incredible how his characters really come to life. And the best of it: He keeps this up throughout ALL the chapters. Yep. Not just a great cover and then disappointing cheap sketch work on the inside, but full, loving details and drawing power on every page!I loved it and would recommend it to everyone who likes a bit darker fantasy with a tinge of clever humor.
epic story and heartwarming characters - You recognize the style? -Yes, he is also known as nebezial and shiniez at deviantArt.Earlier Death Vigil was released as 8 single issues. Now these 8 chapters are subsumed in Volume 1 of Death Vigil which makes it much more reasonable to buy for people who are charged a lot for shipping (e.g. to Germany).Illustration related:I just love the style of his illustrations they look sometimes airy and almost sketchy but at the same time they are so elaborate with incredible love for detail such as facial expression, body language, very fitting speech balloons. Oh, and the monsters...be prepared,they are monstrous.Story related:The big story behind is the old story: good against evil. But its not all black and white and sometimes there are good reasons to do bad things. The characters act comprehensible with a great sense of humor which makes the dark and sometimes even desperate story more lighthearted and the unique characters even more adorable. The story is...

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Kategorie : Comics, Mangas & Graphic Novels
Format : E-Book, Hardcover, Kindle
Autor : Stjepan Sejic
Herausgeber : Image Comics
Sprache : English
ISBN-10 : 1632152789
Benutzer-Bewertung : 5.0 Sterne von 5 aus 10 Leser
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Herunterladen Death Vigil Volume 1 PDF e EPUB - EpuBook
Death Vigil Volume 1 Herunterladen eBook Pdf e Epub, eBook Deutch
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